About Verida Farm

Verida Farm is a beautiful and peaceful facility dedicated to letting horses be horses.

Here they will live and/or recuperate in a caring and quiet environment.

There are open pastures for those who wish to have their horses live out full time as well as twelve 12' x 12' stalls for those who wish to have their horses stalled part of the day and for the lay-ups. Each stall has a solid grill front with a large open window for your horse's comfort, visibility and ventilation. There are also two Autumn at Verida Farmmedical paddocks for the recuperating equine.

Verida Farm’s 24 hour on-site, conscientious and well-motivated staff provide greater safety and monitoring for the retired or recovering equine and peace of mind for the owner.

Where did the name come from? 'Verida' was created by Michele's father, Tom Brennan.  When she was living in Kentucky, she needed a name for her farm there. "I called my father, the creative one, and after a couple of days he came up with 'Verida Farm'. Vermont for where I am from, and Florida for where my husband, Chip, is from."



Alyssa DietrchAlyssa Dietrch has always had a life long passion for horses. As a graduate from Delaware Valley College, she received her Bachelor's degree in Equine Science and Management and established a wide base of knowledge ranging from equine nutrition, health, business and breeding. Her experience in the horse industry has come from all disciplines making her a well-rounded and reliable asset to Verida Farm. Alyssa joined Verida Farm in 2012 when we began our new adventure in Pennsylvania. She has proven to be a big asset and can be trusted in Michele's absence. Her a conscientiousness and attention to detail is outstanding.

Alyssa adds, "Michele is a phenominal employer and friend who has such a heart-felt purpose with Verida that makes me so proud to say I love my job. It is absolutely amazing to see the lay-up horses make full recoveries and watch the retired horses live out their lives in pure bliss and know that I had a part in it. Nothing brings me more joy than to see a client's eye light up when visiting their horse to see the progress they've made or how happy, rested and relaxed they are."


Alyssa DietrchJoe Santos has has been shoeing horses for over eight years. He studied equine management at Post for two years before becoming an apprentice under Chuck Melius. At Post Joe participated in classes of equine management, locomotion, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and barefoot trimming. Over the years Joe has learned how to care for the feet of horses from all breeds and disciplines.

Joe has been trimming and shoeing for me since Verida Farm started. He travels from CT every four to six weeks to give the horses in our care the best hoof care possible.


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